Power Series I Universal Stoning Fixture

Series I Stoning Fixture

Series I Stoning Fixture
Perform repeatable trigger jobs easily with this quality made fixture. There are 20 different adapters are available with this fixture. Includes one Adapter of choice.

  1911 Auto, Hammer & Sear  
Browning Buck Mark
Browning HP, Hammer & Sear
Colt .380 Gov't & Mustang
Colt Mk-III, Trigger Sear Only
Colt Python,Trigger Sear Only
Colt Single Action & Clones
High Standard, Trigger & Hammer

Marlin 336 Adapter

Ruger 10-22, Trigger Sear Only
Ruger 77-22, Trigger & Sear
Ruger Mk-I & Mk-II, Hammer & Sear
Ruger Redhawk, Super Redhawk, GP100
Ruger Single Actions, Trigger Sear Only
Ruger "Six" Series, Trigger Sear only for Speed & Security Six
S&W J, Trigger Sear Only
S&W K, L, & N, Trigger Sear Only
S&W 41, Hammer & Sear
S&W 39, 59, 639, 659, Hammer & Sear
S&W  422/622 Series
S&W 645 & 3rd Generation
Additional Adapters $21.99
(picture not available) Roller Guide for Universal Sear Stoning Fixture $2.99

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